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April 21, 2010

hello again!!!

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Today i read my blog and realize how long i haven’t written in my blog!!! takda idea lar!!Anyway,i’m writting today to release stress. yes, i’m really stressed out!!! school life is soo stressfull!! but then i realize that other lives such as college,university and work must be more stressfull.so, i guesse i must be thankfull i haven’t reache those  part yet!!


April 13, 2009


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when we arived to Terengganu , the first thing irdi and me did was ask ayah to bring us to the swimming pool.Ayah agreed. Umi said we can go after the tour .huh?tour?we have to sleep early but i couldn’t sleep.during the tour’we first went to Taman Tamadun Islam. we have to get a passport first.here’s the pictures.ganu1wone of the masjid.there were lots more but let’s not waste the page.terengganu-55 the passport. :).         later,we went to a batik place but i don’t remember the name.terengganu-35awww!baby rabbit.but they look menjijikkan!   now is model time!this is my fave pic.terengganu-22unleashe the light!muahaha.

February 15, 2009

upm fonesta

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yesterday, me,irdi,umi and ayah went to upm fonesta. it was made by kakdila.we went to a  place to ride canoe . so,me,ayah and irdi decide to try.but 1 canoe can only fit 2 people .so i rode with another girl who taught me to row the canoe. 🙂

January 1, 2009

answer me! :(

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today,my  daddy ask me a question i can’t answer.can you help me?the question is : what fruit rhymes with amyrah?coment to me as soon as possible. come on,i’m waiting.

December 20, 2008

me!totally me.

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this is me.qistina bt razdwan.i am 12 years old.do i look cute in this photo?please comment!!!

Qistina’s Blog

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aporta6fdhello.i am qistina.welcome to my blog.do you like it? this is a picture of  me and my siblings.

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